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We know you must have thoughts of what kind of wedding you want to have! Right from keeping an eye on the budget, deciding your wedding decor or theme to finalizing your looks and dress planning your wedding in the best possible way is extremely important.Be it a lavish extravagant wedding or a subtle silent affair, everything comes down to how you’ve imagined your wedding carousing. We do know how fascinating it all gets as soon as your wedding dates are finalized especially regarding the type of wedding you want to have.So to help you in planning your special day, we’ve enlisted below all the different types of wedding ceremony hosted by Red Hippo. These are the basic and the best kind of weddings in India that you can choose from and then begin with your wedding preps accordingly.
Suit yourselves and pick the one that defines you perfectly!


From bouquets to table arrangements and wedding favors, there is much that goes into planning a rose-themed wedding. Find gorgeous ideas on how to make your wedding a dream come true. The rose theme decoration helps showcase the vibrant colors of the flowers to a wedding celebration. But with so many types and colors of roses to choose from. In order to transform your wedding, the choice of floral displays play an integral role.


A show which never fails to entertain! It’s filled with all that one can ask for music, dance, drama, family ties, Indian decoration with western twist, designer drapes with lavish chandelier, traditional designing and work of amazing art being displayed at every corner of wedding venue. It’s a one stop to the entire visit and enjoy full Indian culture, designs, auspicious decor and accessory items, lights, crackers and colors which will even brighten up your life. Yes, we are talking about the most amazing, traditional, colorful, authentic Big Fat Indian Wedding arrangements, designs and decors.


One of the most common and favored kinds of weddings in India are the ones hosted at banquet halls or farmhouses. Booking a venue that fits their criteria followed by caterers and decorators is how generally most of the people like to go about hosting a wedding. Considering the budget, the number of guests and how you wish your wedding to be, a banquet or a farmhouse wedding can be your go-to.


Want to keep your guest list on the smaller size? Don’t worry we are here to help you out! When it comes to wedding ceremony, many couples says that, size matters. Only few people can mean a more personal celebration. A small wedding gives you the chance to really go all out. Keeping things small means that the extra details, like providing luxurious service, gift baskets or may be five-course feasts for your guests. There are so many creative options for locations when you’re not trying to accommodate hundreds of guests.

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