What’s a wedding or any event without decorations? However, wedding decorations aren’t easy! A lot of hard work and perfect planning are required to decorate an event perfectly. Whether you are planning a grand wedding party or it’s a cozy family affair, we have a wide palette of décor ideas that will fit the bill.

When it comes to wedding decor, every Indian Wedding is characterized by its traditions, cultural norms and rituals and also known for exuberance and extravagance and nothing contributes so much the way wedding decor does it and also RED HIPPO completely understand the requirements of each wedding in India.

Just tell us your desires and theme we’ll implement our ideas and creativity in compliance with the theme, perfectly! Make it ready for you.

Call us artists, or call us good managers, but once we are at work, we are nearly unstoppable. We are adorned with imagination and creativity and our unique ideas will surely you & your guests bowled.

Whether it’s a Historic theme, retro theme, floral decorations or bollywood theme- the list is endless! What’s more? We will use fresh flowers and durable materials for your wedding, with great and attractive looks and designs. And all our decorations will perfectly fall into your budget too! We have admirable entry and passage decor designs, impressive stages and vermala themes, artistic vedis and sophisticated table arrangement ideas that will make your wedding a fairy-tale affair.
So if you want to leave an unforgettable impression and become the talk of the town, contact us for impeccable wedding decorators in Delhi.