Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Planning for your honeymoon and not able to zero down on one destination? Well, look no further! Your own country has a lot of surreal hidden gems that will make you rethink about your International trip. Being such a vast and culturally-rich nation, India’s geographic beauty is expansively extravagant. While popular destinations like Manali, Shimla, Ooty, Jaipur, etc have been exploited by bustling tourists, there also lie some untouched and lesser-known honeymoon destinations in India that boast of ethereal beauty and promise a secluded high-on-romance honeymoon.
Here we introduce you to 10 most offbeat and beautiful honeymoon destinations in India. From hill stations to isolated beaches and lush green forests—we have covered them all!


Pondicherry is undeniably one of the most surreal hidden gems of India. Popularly known as ‘The Little Paris’, Pondicherry is highly reminiscent of French allure. Right from the artsy architecture to the road signs and the food in restaurants – everything is French. You will instantly fall for the mind-blowing beauty of tree-lined streets, Insta perfect mustard-colored colonial villas, serene beaches, majestic churches and chic boutiques. For a couple who is looking for an utterly romantic honeymoon that’s a perfect blend of tranquillity and thrill –  Pondicherry is the place.



The ethereal beauty of Gulmarg aka Meadow of Flowers, a quaint hill station in Jammu & Kashmir is mesmerizing. The charm of pristine snow-covered hills and the blooming wildflower-filled landscapes will surely keep the fire of romance ignited between you and your spouse. Gulmarg is also known as the ‘heartland of the winter sports’ and the best destination for skiing in India. The thrill-maniac couples can visit Gulmarg for their honeymoon during winters.



This capital city is yet another breathtaking gem of India. Gangtok welcomes newly-weds with nature’s splendors, luxury, and comfort. With a tranquil glacial lake, vivid markets, quaint monasteries, treks, scenic views of Himalayan Range and adventurous treks – it is becoming one of the most bustling honeymoon destinations in India for all right reasons.



Imagine watching the vast expanse of white desert glittering at night under a moonlit sky! Expect your honeymoon in Rann of Kutch to be a cultural extravaganza bundled with romance, music, zeal and serendipity. However, make sure your honeymoon dates fall between the 4 months long Rann Utsav!


A cluster of 1 lakh islands, Lakshadweep promises a secluded, luxurious and a high-on-romance honeymoon. The turquoise sea waters, coral reefs, swanky resorts and a tranquil blend of adventure and peace, head to Lakshadweep for a memorable island honeymoon.


This is yet another surreal hill station nestled in the Himalayan range that will give you International feels but in a shoe-string budget. Lush green pine trees, glistening rivers, snow-covered mountains, colonial architecture, and cool mountain breeze will evoke just the right set of emotions on your honeymoon. Btw, Dalhousie is also home to Khajjar, which is popularly known as the mini Switzerland of India.


This Indian island is where you need to head for a honeymoon straight outta dreams. Secluded beaches, azure blue waters, luxuriant resorts, picturesque natural beauty are a few swoon-worthy attractions that Andaman offers. More and more couples are ditching international destinations for Andaman’s serene beaches and the ultra-luxury it offers.


Often hailed as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is a beauteous yet not-so-renowned honeymoon destination in India. This small town is gifted with nature’s abundance and scenic wonders – lush green forests, waterfalls, enchanting hills, valleys shrouded with flowers, lakes, coffee plantations, and magnificent temples. All of it ensure a rejuvenating and romantic honeymoon.

10) Puri

With lofty mountains, sparkling rivers, charming green meadows and romantic environs, this lesser known destination in Jammu and Kashmir is a dreamy paradise for newlyweds. It is one of those surreal places where you would want to begin your matrimonial journey.