15 Questions Bride Must Ask Before Selecting Her Partner/Better half


In this world everyone has their own opinions in the matter of liking, equality, choosing a life partner or in fact, in what you eats and what you wear. So, this blog is based on collecting the data from different couple’s experiences.

Are men and women equal in a relationship?

A- In the matter of relationship, the answer will be yes, they both are equal somehow, and both should know their own responsibilities of their part in their relation. One has to cooperate with other partner in order to maintain the equal balance. Equal share makes a relation long lasting and full of love. But, the most important thing is that relationship is not meant for equal division of responsibilities but they must help each other in every aspect of life.

Does age matter in a relationship?

A- Not at all, age is just a number in the matter of relationship. We see many couples with wide age differences, but still are very compatible with each other, in comparison of those couples who are somehow of same age group but share lesser compatibility than those couples with age differences.

How do you imagine your wife, as a homemaker or as a working woman?

A- Although it does not matter, As before this concept of feminism came, women used to do the house chores only, In fact it depends on the women that what she would like to do and what to become as per her interest. She must also consider her partners’ opinion and decision in this matter before presenting anything.

Do you know cooking?

A- Whether you are working or is a homemaker, cooking totally depends on one’s passion or love for food, but since it is 21st century most of the guys know how to cook and they love to cook for their loved one.

How many kids do you want?

A- 1 or 2.

Does it matter if partner earns more then you?

A- Not at all.

Does it matter how your partner dressed?

A- Yes, of course everyone wants that his/her partner should wear nice outfit and look handsome/beautiful. And also depends on the occasion where a certain outfit is worn.

Does it matter if i meet my friends after marriage?

A- No, meeting friends sometime is not an issue until they are becoming hurdles between the both. Trust and transparency in a relationship should always be maintained.

Ideal age of getting married according to you?

A- There is no specified age to get married but of course after attaining the government specified age limit i.e. after 18yrs for girls and 21 yrs for boys. Whenever you find the right person and you are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to take responsibilities, you may keep a step forward to this.

What are the qualities you look for in a wife?

A- childish nature and she should be curious to learn about new things, she should handle the situation better than me.

How important is sex in a relationship?

A- It is very important. Sex is always very important for the mental health of the partners. Both should be passionate and willing for the same. But it should not only the reason to love your partner.

Qualities of good and healthy relationship?

A- Understanding, compatibility!

What is your idea of a romantic date?

A- candle light dinner on beach side is always a good idea but if it’s not available then you can make any date a romantic one.

Is it important for your partner to be in shape and fit?

A- Yes, staying fit and healthy is basic essence of life as ‘Health is wealth’

Are you willing to share a toothbrush with your partner?

A- Yes of course!

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